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Peter J. Correia

66 Lee Street
East Longmeadow, MA 01028
Tel: 603-533-7433 (cell)
Email: prcorreia0918@yahoo.com

I am a retired accountant and part time college accounting professor. I began my art education by enrolling in an adult education oil painting class at a Junior High School. Since 1979, I continued to refine my art education philosophies and techniques at the studio of Derry artist Jean Wyman.

I paint exclusively in oils. I am inspired by nature to do landscapes, golf courses, seascapes, still life, portrait painting and other subjects in very realistic detail. I believe the enjoyment of accomplishing paintings with exacting detail is a direct carry over from my accounting background and has allowed me a more meaningful transition to professional artist.

I paint in soft tones to give my paintings an “atmosphere” of warmth and a unique peaceful presence. I look to nature and the every day beauty that surrounds us for the creative inspirations for my paintings. Every piece is an attempt to capture the magnificent beauty of nature in some meaningful way.

I visualize each of my works as a unique window of opportunity to touch the instincts and emotions of the viewers. I blend very realistic detail with subtle soft tones to give each piece its own captivating atmosphere. I want those who view my painting to feel the power of nature. I want those who view my work to develop their own vision of the natural beauty that exists in our world and feel it in their hearts. I want them to believe that they are actually experiencing the sensation of being at the location.

Remember, to invest in a painting or fine art print is to invest in your own personal gratification. If you develop a passion for a particular piece of art it is an excellent investment.

Golf course art and commissioned realistic detail of any subject is my specialty. Fine art prints and note cards of my art are available on request.

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