Zenfolio | Scantic River Artisans | Mary Nadeau

Mary is a self taught artist that has been an illustrator and artist for the past 20 years. She loves to create fun, whimsical and colorful paintings and illustrations for children with a mixed array of mediums. In the past her main focus has been watercolor and pencil but has continued to explore other mediums such as pastel, charcoal, markers and collage. As much as she loves cartooning and character design, sometimes she revisits realism in her art. Through experimentation her art tends to evolve and change with her own personal growth. "I find my style can change much like the weather in New England! From simple lines in pencil to a complex mixed medium piece. I find it hard to commit to one style or medium because I love to do everything!"

Mary's work;

"Kugelicious - If I Only Had A Sukkah by Joan Robb and Illustration by Mary Nadeau. Children's book available on Amazon.

"The Giant and The Fly" by Mary Nadeau children's book.

The Reminder - Two covers for their Prime Magazine as well as insert illustrations.

Mr Greg's Musical Madness on YouTube for children viewers.

Illustrations for youtube video backgrounds as well as web content, color pages and other educational materials.

Props - Prop illustrations for puppet video shown Atlanta film show as well as local community theater group creating props and scenery.

Mary has in the past participated in art shows for the East Longmeadow Art Association, Paint & Pixel Festival shows in Northampton, Noble Hospital in Westfield MA, Magic Wings in Deerfield.

She hopes as a new member of the Scantic River Artisans she will participate in future art shows, Share the love of art with fellow artists and be active in the creative community.