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"Creating beautiful accessories using premium high quality materials is my obsession and my passion. I began making jewelry over 20 years ago. At first it was a hobby to pass the time as a kid living in North Carolina. I gave jewelry away as gifts to my friends and family. I made it my profession in 2007 when I moved to Massachusetts. I sell my jewelry on my website, at local craft fairs, and to family and friends.

I source all of my own supplies and materials that I use in my jewelry. I mainly choose gemstones and precious metals for my designs. My jewelry style is simple chic with an emphasis on highlighting the beauty of gemstones. Most of my designs consist of color coordinated palettes to compliment any outfit for any occasion.

Calluna is a tiny flower that grows in Scotland and Ireland. The more common name for Calluna is Heather."

Heather Black
Calluna Artisan Jewelry
West Springfield, MA